Italian Terraced Garden

The chateau garden belongs to one of a few well-preserved Italian gardens in the Czech Republic. It was built by Jan František Kulhánek von Klaudenstein for his wife Marie Francisca von Hohenembs.

The garden is situated in the western part of the chateau and consists of five terraces connected with sophisticated system of stairs and rest areas. It was created by a terrain adjustment of the south and south-west slope under the chateau around the years 1765–1770. The area at the bottom of the garden is decorated with a small pool and the statue of Neptune sitting on dolphin in the middle. (This statue is currently part of the exhibition "Neptune sea" in the chateau interior. The garden is easily accessible by symetric gates integrated into retaining walls. An area on the western slope of the garden is axyisymmetric, unlike the simpler version of the garden in the South wing. The chateau marlite terraces can take price in effectively designed irrigation and drainage system as well as vemtilation system.